My Favourite 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers To Follow

About a year ago, after watching The True Cost and making the decision to switch to ethical fashion, the first resource I started seeking out after ethical clothing brands was ethical fashion bloggers.

Why? Why not books and articles and organizations? I definitely spent a good amount of time looking into those resources as well (for a list of my top 5 ethical fashion resources, click here), but there is something so unique and special about bloggers that cannot be replaced by anything else. Its that honesty, openness and disclosure that doesn’t exist even between the most open and honest brands and their customers. Bloggers add that personal, human element. It’s the same reason so many people turn to beauty vloggers on YouTube or personal fitness blogs when embarking on their own journeys – when it comes to seeking advice and inspiration for a lifestyle change, bloggers are our trustworthy Internet friends.

And so today I’d like to share some of my favourite ethical fashion bloggers with you. Some of them I discovered in my early days, when The Curious Button itself was just getting started, and some of them I found through various blogging communities and social networks more recently. I hope you find them as useful, informative and inspiring as I have. Read away!

1. Anuschka Rees (formerly INTO MIND)

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Anuschka Rees (formerly Into Mind)

This is the first blog (aside from my own, haha) that I recommend to people when they’re looking for a place to start in their ethical and sustainable, and most importantly, intentional fashion journey. Not only is every piece of content there extremely helpful and valuable (no fluff), but I also find it to be a really beautiful website that you never want to leave. What also separates this blog from many of the other ones out there is that Anuschka has some seriously deep knowledge about fashion (think colour wheels, pattern mixing, etc.) that will be sure to help you improve your confidence in styling your outfits and ease any anxiety you have about pairing down your wardrobe to fewer pieces.

2. Un-Fancy

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Unfancy

I love this blog because the blogger, Caroline, gives you a peek into what her capsule wardrobe really looks like through beautiful outfits that are sure to inspire you to simplify. At the bottom of each outfit post, she also makes sure to include links to each piece, or if its not available, she offers up a similar, ethically-made alternative. This blog alone will convince you that looking amazing and shopping ethically are not exclusive of each other!

3. Seasons + Salt

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Seasons + Salt

Like Un-Fancy, this website focuses on ethical fashion and simple style, and proves once again that you don’t need to sacrifice style to embrace this wardrobe change! Andrea offers up tons of outfit ideas that are both beautiful and practical for this mommy of three. Her website also includes a list of ethical retailers and designers to get you started on your own search for brands you can feel good about supporting.

4. Style Bee

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Style Bee

This blog has a special place in my heart because it’s run by a fellow Canadian who actually lives in a nearby city here in Southwestern Ontario. It’s always great to see outfits from someone who knows what our winters look like here, and can still manage to style themselves cute while also bearing the practicality of it in mind. On top of that, she’s got a great, friendly writing style and loads of useful advice you can put into practice immediately.

5. Mademoiselle

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Mademoiselle

You know when you look at someone’s outfit and you just know that they know themselves and their personal sense of style so well that they must always look so amazing? Jamie is one of those people. Always exuding class and elegance, the outfits on the blog might bring out a little envy in you, but also a newfound energy to learn more about your style preferences. She is also well-versed in everything capsule wardrobe related, and provides some great tips on creating your own.

6. Tartan Brunette

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Tartan Brunette

Run by Jen Brownlie, this blog covers topics from minimalism to sustainable lifestyle to yes, ethical fashion. Her posts are honest, relatable, and show how much thought she puts into each one of them. Reading it, you feel like you’re with a close, wise friend sharing their experiences and giving you great practical advice. Following along in her style journey is sure to inspire you to start your own as soon as possible!

7. Leotie Lovely

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Leotie Lovely

While this blog includes other lifestyle topics, from fashion to food to travel, she does focus much of her efforts on promoting the ethical fashion industry and sharing new brands with her readers. She’s an amazing writer, and her Instagram will always inspire you to think deeply. On top of running the blog and doing some freelance work, Holly also has a small shop connected to the blog where you can find clothes, shoes, jewelry, and more ethically-made products.

8. Sustainably Chic

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | Sustainably Chic

If you’re looking for an ethical/sustainable blogger who is as close as it gets to being a “regular” fashion blogger, then Natalie is it! She is constantly sharing new brands who are doing good in the world and has various lists on her blog that can help you find a brand that carries what you’re looking for. Her blog is a great resource for when you need to purchase something new and want to do it responsibly. She also frequently hosts giveaways on Instagram, so maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to win it!

9. Ecocult

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button | EcoCult

A blog that gives off a New York online fashion magazine sort of feel, EcoCult is run by Alden Wicker (who does, in fact, live in New York). While there is the occasional guest post, it’s impressive that so many quality posts, on such a variety of topics, can be published by one person so frequently. It’s also quite broad, featuring lifestyle topics like eco-friendly living and food in addition to ethical fashion. Do make sure you make the time to sit down and read this one, because it’s the kind of blog where you’ll be clicking from link to link to more links and end up spending hours reading it.

10. The Curious Button

Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers | The Curious Button

Throwing in some shameless self-promotion here – this blog! If you’ve visited my corner of the web before, then you know why you keep coming back (and in that case, shoot me a tweet and let me know what you love about it!). If this is your first time here, welcome! Here you can find some great articles that will help you begin your ethical fashion journey (see the top 10 posts here), a Resource Library to help you with your further research on the topic, and featured brands that I love.

Do you have any favourite ethical fashion bloggers? Let us know why they’re awesome in the comments below!

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  • Hi! This guide is so helpful I currently started my own minimalist fashion blog and love getting inspired by more people that do the same! Love your blog!

  • Ah this is brilliant! Thanks for collating all these bloggers into one easy post. I’ve been wanting to live a more sustainable life and these blogs are definitely going to help. Off to do some bedtime reading!! Thanks!

    Kirsty x

  • I find so many bloggers and youtubers that are ‘ethical’ do not have a style that I resonate with or that does not fit my lifestyle because they live in Australia or somewhere where they do not have winters (I’m in Canada). I did find the blogger ‘Use Less’ (Singe) and I find her style fits me. It is a little too basic for me as I love some colors and prints. But she has been so helpful in giving me somewhere to start. Her style is ‘part’ of my style but then I will have to learn how to add a little bohemian and feminine as they are also parts of my style. As well, I have found Daria Andronasceau (spelling?) from ‘Wonder Wardrobe’ to be the most knowledgeable and informative about what true ‘sustainable’ fashion is. So many bloggers will promote items and companies that do not use organic cotton (conventional cotton is NOT sustainable in any way). Or they promote items and companies that use all sorts of synthetics and blends (again NOT susainable). I find it very irritating when bloggers are calling themselves sustainable, or eco-friendly or ‘ethical’ and they don’t even know what it means. I’m ok if they are just learning but then explain that/say that. I don’t agree with them speaking as though they are ‘sustainable’ and they are not.

    • Hi Louise, thanks for those suggestions, I’ll have to check them out! I totally get your struggle, I’m in Canada myself so sometimes it feels like bloggers from warmer locations don’t fully understand what a ‘winter’ coat really needs to look like or do haha. Same for style – style can be so unique between each and every one of us, which is why I love following bloggers of different styles so I can mix and match and choose what I like best for myself!
      I can understand your frustration with the fabrics of certain brands etc. Because sustainability is not a black-and-white kind of topic that has many grey areas where different aspects of sustainability can sometimes compete with one another, I find that it’s best to find bloggers who have similar priorities to you so you can connect more with what they’re sharing!
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Louise!

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion indeed (You should be number 1 in the list !!!). Will checkout the top ten list you mention. Thanks.

  • I am starting my journey into living the ethical lifestyle and came across your blog. This list is a great “beginners guide” to getting started! I want to start my own blog as well! Thank you!

  • I just made a video all about the ins and outs of ethical fashion and what we should do about it but I could not have done it without the inspiration from these lovely people sharing the message!

  • A great post Elena – thank you! I’ve been an opshopper/thrifter for 20+ years and am a passionate slow clothing advocate. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of and great to see it growing!

  • Oh what a great post, I love to discover new ethical fashion blogs! I usually only follow German ones, but want to find more international ones, so thank you! If you like, check out my ethical fashion blog as well, I write in German and English! Have a great day!

  • Hi! I was rather surprised not to see Eluxe Magazine on your list! That’s my go-to for all organic fashion, beauty and eco travel tips. Great info that seems updated a few times a day, too!

    • Hi Lora! For this list I was more focused on actual individual bloggers rather than websites or online magazines where there are multiple authors. But Eluxe is definitely a great resource as well!

  • Hi, I’ve just read your post and found it so inspiring, I’ve just started a travel and fashion blog of my own which is largely centred around sustainable fashion and love discovering other bloggers discussing the topic! I’m having a little trouble finding a few of these blogs however (mainly through Twitter), can I ask how you found them all in the first place? xoxo

    • Hi Shannon, thanks so much, I’m glad you like the post! And congrats on starting a blog yourself 🙂 When I got started I first found similar bloggers through just google searches or lists such as this one, as well as social media (Twitter and Instagram were big ones). Once you start following and interacting with more things on these topic, the platforms pick up on it and start suggesting more and more brands and bloggers to follow 🙂 You can also check out the Ethical Influencer Network and Ethical Writers Coalition for more great people!