About The Curius Button | An ethically conscious lifestyle blog

The Curious Button is an ethically conscious lifestyle blog.

What does ethically conscious mean? It means being curious and asking questions about every aspect of your lifestyle. What’s in my makeup? Who made my clothes? Most importantly, how can I live a life that will make the world’s tomorrow better than the world’s today?

Over the past year, The Curious Button has focused strongly on ethical, sustainable and slow fashion. But in 2017, I want to expand our horizons and apply our curious, ethically conscious minds to more than style. I want us to start thinking about taking care of our bodies, minds, and fellow humans.

I’d love for you to join me on this exciting journey. I always love hearing from you, so thank you for being here. Let’s laugh, cry, and grow together.

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About Me

The Curious Button | AboutI’m Elena, the blogger behind The Curious Button.

Canadian student. Sorority woman. Daydreamer. Traveler. Tea enthusiast. Feminist. Conscious consumer. Slow fashion fan. Yogi wanna-be. Disney princess at heart.

I started The Curious Button after watching The True Cost, a documentary about the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the garment workers making our clothes, the environment, and even on us as shoppers. Since then, I’ve poured over articles and watched all sorts of videos, and Googled lots of ways that I could get involved and change the way I buy and where I spend my money.

The result of all that time and research is this blog and, of course, my free resources, found in the Insider’s Library! You can get access to that here.

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