Disclosure Policy

I can’t sit here as an “ethical blogger” and talk about how I want brands to be more transparent while not being transparent myself. I want you to know if a blog post was sponsored, if a product was gifted, or if a link is an affiliate.


First thing first – while sometimes products are gifted for review, or posts are sponsored to be written, I would never ever (ever ever ever) work with or promote a brand that I do not genuinely like or support. I refuse to work with brands who either don’t meet my ethical or sustainable standards, or with brands that I feel do not meet the style of myself and the blog (I need to like something if I’m going to wear and share it!). Gifted items that I do not like also do not make it onto the blog or any social media.

That being said, here is your guide to transparency on The Curious Button…


Some posts on The Curious Button may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link and buy something from that site, I will receive a small commission. But don’t worry – the price is the same for you. Posts and pages containing affiliate links will explicitly state so. I would love your support so I can continue to make this blog even better for you!

Product Reviews

If I have been sent a product to review for a post, this will be explicitly stated at the end of the post. All reviews are 100% honest, and as previously mentioned, I would never promote something I didn’t love myself.

Sponsored Posts

If I received monetary compensation for a post, this will be explicitly stated at the end of the post. Again, though I am receiving compensation, I would not write a sponsored post for a company that doesn’t align with my values and standards.

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me an email at curiousbuttonblog@gmail.com! 🙂