5 Ways to Hold On to Conscious Living (When Life Makes It Hard)

This post really should have been titled “5 Ways to Hold on to Conscious Living (When Life Makes it HardER)”, because let’s be honest, conscious living, practically by definition, requires extra thought and effort. Eventually, certain things may turn into habits and patterns that are easy to follow, but when you’re just starting out, it can be a tough journey. Conscious living often requires us to break out of old habits before we can start our new, healthier ones. It requires us to take some time to research and explore other options, to make alternate decisions, and yes, though I generally say that minimalism and conscious living go hand in hand, sometimes it may even include buying a product or two. 

Now throw in life’s unexpected turns and roadblocks and what used to seem like extra effort seems downright impossible. Being a bit of a control freak myself, I try my best to control, well, absolutely everything around me. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that despite a less-than-ideal situation, there are still small things we can do to maintain our conscious living aspirations. Hopefully these tips will help you out, and if you have some tips of your own to share, let me know!

1. Set your morning routine – consistency is key.

love my morning routine. I started really constructing this routine a few months ago and though there have been a few fluctuations and I don’t necessarily execute the perfect routine every morning, it gives me a consistent start to my day. It usually includes washing and moisturizing my face as soon as I wake up, taking some bee pollen (for the cold fall and winter months, to boost my immune system), drinking some warm lemon water, and if I get up early enough that day, reading a few pages or a chapter of a book. Consistency is what makes this so special – there’s something just so comforting about knowing exactly what you’re doing in the morning before you head off to work. 

2. Move your body.

Do something. It doesn’t have to be intense, it doesn’t have to be a class, it doesn’t have to be the gym. But aside from being a generally great way to make you feel better about yourself and your life, moving your body forces you to pay attention to it. It’s a way of forcing yourself to focus on something, and to be aware of what you are doing – which is what conscious living is ultimately all about. 

3. Identify which area of life currently has the most “space” in it – and go with it. 

You may have had a plan of what area of your life you were going to tackle next, what changes you were making next, what products you were about to purchase to further your conscious living journey. But sometimes, things change and that specific thing may not be the best route to take. For example, I was all about making some aesthetic and physical changes to my space to support conscious living, but then I moved and am living in a house that is not my own. Rather than struggling with your desire to make a change in an area that hit a roadblock, explore the other areas in your life that may have more “space” for growth at the moment. In my case, it was being more conscious with the content I consume – digital or otherwise. There’s no specific order for your journey, so if you need to detour, embrace it! 

4. It’s in the details. 

Big changes, and sometimes the most visual or tangible ones, might be the most satisfying ones to make, but don’t discard the very small changes you can make as well. Something as simple as using your reusable mug instead of a disposable one, or leaving your phone in another room while you eat a meal, is still a successful step toward more conscious living, and should be celebrated as such! Recognize these details, and remind yourself that until you have enough bandwidth to do more, continuing these little steps is a victory in itself. 

5. Just. Slow. Down. 

We often feel like we need to “do it all”, and unfortunately this can hold true for conscious living too. Especially if you’ve been reading a lot of blogs, watching lots of YouTube videos, or diving head first into the conscious living community, it can start to feel like a bit of a race. But its not. Everyone’s journey is unique, with different starting points, motivations, and paces. So if you don’t have that picture perfect lifestyle that you admire, don’t worry. Slow down and enjoy where you are right now, you’ve got time. 

How do you hold on to conscious living when life gets crazy? Let me know in the comments below!

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