My Dream for Fashion

Alright, it’s about to get pretty sappy here. I may or may not have shed a few tears writing this…

My dream is for the fashion industry to think about people and sustainability just as much as they think about profits. I want to see them let go of greed and selfish gains and think about how they affect everyone and everything around them.

My dream is to see major clothing brands make real, tangible changes to their practices and how they create their clothes. I want them to be transparent with how they make their clothes, how they pay their workers, and what kind of an impact their company is having on the environment.

My dream is to be able to walk through a mall and not have images of sweatshops swimming through my brain because I could walk into any store and they would be knowledgeable and proud of how their clothes are made ethically.

My dream is to see fashion used as a force for good change in developing countries by providing opportunities and partnerships for them to share their skills and to hold a job that empowers them rather than oppresses them. I want them to live with hope, inspiration and creativity in their hearts.

My dream is to see less friends and family go shopping for the sake of shopping, and buying for the sake of buying while their closets already hold mounds of clothing they no longer care for. I want them to buy thoughtfully, and wear what they buy regularly to make good use of their purchases.

My dream is to see a less vain society which is more concerned with style than it is with trends. I want to see less people trying so hard to impress others with their in-season clothes and more people fearless to wear the same shirt in 2020 as they are today, because they know their wardrobe is timeless and classy.

What’s your dream?

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