ThunderPants USA: Organic Cotton Underwear Review

Let’s cut to the chase here: Thunderpants USA makes organic cotton underwear for women and men, and they are like a hug for your bum.

Take a quick browse through their website and you’ll quickly find that they make undies like no other. They go in the opposite direction of most underwear brands. Instead of sexy or luxurious, they opt for fun and playful through unique colours and prints that you definitely have never seen before. But don’t mistake the undeniably comfortable looking underwear for “granny panties” – despite the significant amount of coverage they give your bum, they actually make you feel pretty darn good wearing them.

Thunderpants USA was kind enough to send me two organic cotton underwear pairs for review, in their women’s Hipster Thunderpants, and it’s safe to say that I wish I had more than just two pairs.

ThunderPants USA: Organic Cotton Underwear Review | The Curious Button

Thunderpants started as a small, family-owned New Zealand company run by people who were tired of getting wedgies (been there, done that). To meet US demands, Thunderpants USA was born. The focus of Thunderpants as a whole is quality design and enduring comfort. Having worn these undies multiple times, I can personally confirm that they are, in fact, wedgie-resistant and one of the most comfortable pairs of underwear I own.

On top of being comfortable, the fact that the underwear contains no elastics means that there’s no extra pressure anywhere, and also makes for barely-there underwear lines. Under tight jeans, the underwear is nearly undetectable. Under leggings, not so much, but us ladies know that nothing but seamless thongs will fix that – hey, maybe we can convince Thunderpants to make that their next project? 😉

ThunderPants USA: Organic Cotton Underwear Review | The Curious Button

But raving about comfort aside, let’s talk about what truly convinced me to try these out – the organic cotton, and the traceability. First, it’s important to note that we’re not just taking their word for it. The underwear is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, which certifies not only the organic cotton but also a few other great things, like more ecologically friendly dyes and proper waste water treatment (you can learn more about this certification here).

Second, their entire supply chain is totally traceable. Their organic cotton comes from Vardhman Textiles Mill in India, a tidbit I am impressed they shared on their website, since most fast fashion brands have no clue themselves where the cotton from their clothing came from, and if they do, don’t often share it with the world. The underwear fabric is then knitted at ABMT in Melbourne (again, total transparency, love it!) and printed at Auckland Fabric Printers using water based inks and dyes. The original Thunderpants are sewn near Carterton in New Zealand, while Thunderpants USA are sewn in Portland, Oregon.

ThunderPants USA: Organic Cotton Underwear Review | The Curious Button

Though they started with organic cotton underwear, it doesn’t look like they plan on stopping there! They’ve already got women’s camisoles (and the New Zealand-based Thunderpants also carries women’s and kid’s tights, swimwear and women’s and men’s socks) and I’m excited to see what’s next for Thunderpants.

Disclosure: The underwear was kindly gifted to me by Thunderpants USA in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about my disclosure policy, click here.

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