15 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas [Eco-Friendly Edit]

I’ll admit something to you all – I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween. Whether it’s because my mother has always disliked Halloween and so as a kid I never really got into the spirit of it, or because I’m just a big baby who’s scared of everything, it doesn’t matter. I’m more of Christmas person, and that’s that.

But I’ve also got to admit, dressing up as something or someone else and then eating a bunch of candy sounds like fun to me. There’s something so exciting about not being yourself for a night. The costume possibilities are endless, and costume stores and companies make sure of that! Though I’m sure their supply chain is just as questionable as any other clothing out there, I’m not here to bash on them. Even if the “ethics” of their production was fine, the system of buying a whole outfit for one night and then tossing it is absolutely unsustainable.¬†Aside from the ridiculous amount of money we spend on Halloween each year (this year, the National Retail Federation expects spendings on Halloween to reach $8.4 billion in America), the day generates up to 41 million pounds of new waste year Halloween.

The best option that allows you to both enjoy the festivities and keep your planet in mind at the same time, it seems, is an easy DIY Halloween costume made of pieces you already own or can borrow. I can hear your groans. Great, Elena, you want us to do even more work for our costume? Yeah, I do, sorry.

BUT, I’ve done the brainstorming for you. And it’s not as much effort as you might think. Many of these you could probably put together just by looking through you or your friend’s closet, and definitely by just making a quick trip to the thrift store. Let me know what you’ll be this Halloween in the comments below!

Allie from The Notebook – A blue dress similar to the one she wears on the movie poster is all it takes. Bonus points for wet hair and finding yourself a cute Noah.

Sandy from Grease – Tight black pants, off-the-shoulders black top, a leather jacket, red heels. All things you probably already own or could easily borrow from a friend.

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – A LBD, statement necklace, some thrifted black gloves and the right hairdo is all you really need. Alternatively, opt for an over-sized white button-up from the thrift store and a sleeping mask to be Holly from another scene.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast – A blue dress with a white button-up underneath, and a white apron bottom (optional special touches include a blue hair ribbon and a book).

Wednesday Addams – All you need is the braids, the dress, the collar and the pout.

Rosie the Riveter – Quite possibly the easiest costume on this list. Roll up the sleeves of a denim shirt and don a red bandanna.

Kim Possible – Black turtleneck/crop top/t-shirt, and army green cargo pants.

Lara Croft – Black shorts, black tank, and combat boots. For a more Angelina Jolie look, make or find your own accessories

Mary Poppins – A black skirt, white button up, red bow tie, and an umbrella.

Greek Goddess –¬†Similar to a toga party outfit, but perhaps with a few more details.

Where’s Waldo? – Red striped shirt, red hat, and big glasses. Done.

Scarecrow – A plaid shirt, ripped jeans, boots and a straw hat. The makeup portion of this could be fun as well!

Lumberjack – Okay, maybe this is the easiest one. Plaid shirt, jeans, toque, eh?

Burgular/Bandit – All you need is a black and white striped shirt, black pants, and any additional touches you feel like adding, such as a black beanie and a black fabric strip with holes for your eyes.

Pirate – You can do so many different things with this idea – Google and run with it, friend.

What will you be for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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