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Lacy Little Nothings Lingerie Interview + 20% Off! | The Curious Button

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the Lacy Little Nothings Instagram page and immediately fell in love. Their lingerie is sexy and feminine without trying too hard. It flatters, but still looks natural. Only one question remained – was it made ethically?

I emailed them to find out where it was made, and was happy to receive a detailed list of the companies they sell from and their manufacturing locations. The bralettes and bottoms are made either in the United States or Medellin, Columbia, where the manufacturer works with family-owned businesses that are paid a living wage, receive benefits and work in safe and healthy working environments. I was so impressed with the complete transparency that I just had to share more of the brand with you!

Breanna Kirby, the founder of Lacy Little Nothings, was kind enough to send me the Canyon Child Stevie Bralette. No surprise here, it’s gorgeous and fits like a glove, without any weird extra material anywhere, and they run true to size. The soft crochet is delicate, while the black strings and straps add a very subtle touch of edge to it.
Lacy Little Nothings Canyon Child Stevie Bralette | The Curious Button

Lacy Little Nothings Canyon Child Stevie Bralette | The Curious Button

And we all know that the only thing better than a beautiful bra is if it comes with matching bottoms, which this one does!

I also had the opportunity to ask Breanna a few questions about starting her business:

Breanna Kirby, founder of Lacy Little Nothings Lingerie.

1. Let’s start at the beginning – how and when did you decide to open your own online lingerie shop?

The beginning of my inspiration started when I was working for a small, high-end lingerie boutique in Central Virginia, called Derriere de Soie. It was there that I learned that lingerie is not just about putting on some sexy intimates in order to please another person, but that there is in fact much more to it. I discovered through my own observation of the customers who shopped at the store that the majority of women who had a serious infatuation with lingerie was because of the way it made them feel from the moment they woke up and slipped into their favorite lingerie and from the moment they slipped out of those items at the end of the day. I learned that when women wear lingerie made with high quality and comfortable material; lace, silk, velvet, they feel more beautiful. As women left the store with a new purchase they always had this new light in their eyes and an uplifting smile to follow. In my mind I would say, “Oh, this is just the beginning of the addiction.” I knew this by experience. My goal and intention for my store is to help boost self-esteem and confidence in women during all occasions and in all circumstances. Now, I emphasize that my intentions for a lingerie boutique has everything to do with women themselves, but hey, if a little extra boost of confidence and self-esteem helps put a little fire on intimacy too, then I am just that much more happy!

2. What were some of the largest hurdles you’ve had to overcome during this process?

Well, to be totally honest… making consistent sales. We live in a day and age where anything you try to do is extremely competitive. When I first started my store about a year ago I had done hours and hours of research to see how many online lingerie boutiques were actually out there and at that point I didn’t see too many, but now I feel like everywhere I look there is a new one popping up. Overcoming competitive obstacles is challenging for all new companies, but it’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize and doing the best you can to make it work in your favor.

3. Your products are made either in the United States or by small, family-owned businesses in Columbia. Why did you decide to work with the manufacturers you do?

One of the companies I work with, Clo Intimo, which is a family owned business in Columbia, I discovered from the lingerie boutique I worked at. The other companies I work with I found by research. For example; Save the Parade and StritaDTLA. They are both companies based in Southern California. It is very important for me to try and buy product from companies in the US and who also have similar goals and values as myself; such as having a focus on women empowerment, providing products made in the US who were made by workers who receive a living wage, using high quality and eco-friendly material and better yet who have an interest in working to help our economy prosper by working to build close relationships and helping one another succeed.

4. Why do you think it’s important, as a fashion retailer, to be aware of your entire supply chain?

My favorite part about my job is researching products and finding companies who share similar interests. I love being able to connect and build relationships with the companies I work with as well as my customers. I want to be able to be as educated as possible on the product I have in stock, ensuring that these items meet the expectations of my goals. I also believe it is extremely important to know as much as possible about my products so I am able to truthfully answer questions to the best of my knowledge. If for some reason I do not have the answer to a question, I can assure you I will figure it out and get back to you as soon as possible.

5. How does this play a role in your company’s purpose and goals?

The thing I love the most about small businesses is their priority in their customers and their emphasis on attending to their needs. I find that at a point when companies begin to grow, such as many mainstream companies, they tend to get too busy or are not as concerned with keeping or losing a customer. I believe that it is extremely important to go out of our way to serve customers in hopes that they will be satisfied and happy with our service and products.

6. What can we expect to see from Lacy Little Nothings in the near future?

As I am a fairly new company, and as time goes on, I plan to create as many relationships as possible. Whether this may be creating stronger bonds among my customers, building strong connections with other companies around the United States and establishing relationships with other small business’s working to succeed like myself. I am always opened to feedback, both negative and positive. I take all criticism very seriously. I believe that in every piece of advice or criticism there is something to be learned. It’s about using such remarks to build you up as a person and as a business rather than letting it bring you down. I live each day knowing that there is a positive to all things, sometimes you have to look a little harder than other times, but if you look outside the box its there. I will continue on my journey as a new business owner with my head up and a smile on face and enjoy every step forward and struggle that comes my way.

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Disclosure: the bralette was kindly gifted to me by Lacy Little Nothings in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about my disclosure policy, click here.

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