Organic Cotton, Fair Trade Bedding: Boll & Branch Review

As we roll into February already (where did January go so fast?!), Jarred and I are reflecting on our first year as official homeowners, and our first year of truly feeling like we have our very own home together. We bought and moved into this townhouse about a year ago, and have done many things to make it our own so far. All the necessary furniture was bought. Curtains were installed. I even managed to keep 4 out of the 5 plants I bought alive.

It seems the first things we took care of were the ones that were in common areas that guests would see. After all, it’s much more welcoming and warm to have friends gather on two loveseats around a coffee table than on rickety metal chairs around a borrowed card table. And while every other room feels pretty satisfactory to me, our bedroom, for some reason, seems to have been neglected. I’m sad to say that it’s actually probably my least favourite room of the house at the moment.

Though sad, it’s not really surprising. We never did put much effort into decorating it or making it feel our own… until now! And we started with the most important part of a bedroom: the bed.

We had been using our smaller double bed duvet on our queen-sized bed, but this past Christmas we were generously gifted a 100% organic cotton duvet insert from Boll & Branch by my in-laws. Naturally, we then also ordered a duvet cover to go with it ourselves! We’ve been sleeping underneath this organic cotton duo for about 2 weeks now, and it makes me wonder why I never invested in high quality bedding before.

Organic Cotton Fair Trade Bedding Boll and Branch Review | The Curious Button | Organic cotton duvet
Organic Cotton Fair Trade Bedding Boll and Branch Review | The Curious Button | organic cotton duvet

As with most other things made of organic cotton, it’s super duper soft, much more so than conventional cotton products. It is GOTS Certified, and also Fair Trade Certified, ethically made in India by workers who are paid and treated fairly. We chose the Dune Mosiac Tile duvet set, so we could add some warmth and pattern to our otherwise very bare room.

My favourite part though (and to be honest, one of the main reasons we chose to go with Boll & Branch to begin with) is that the corners of their duvet have little loops, and the inside corners of their duvet covers have small ties that tie around those loops to hold the duvet in place! It felt like Jarred and I had to constantly rearrange and re-fluff our old duvet to put it back in place because it always slipped down towards the bottom of the bed, leaving a good foot of the top empty. It really is the small things like the quality and this genius little feature that make all the difference.

We couldn’t be happier with our purchase – our duvet is softer, prettier, and cozier, all while being a higher quality and more sustainable option. Let me know – have you ever invested in better bedding? Has it changed the way you sleep and feel in your bedroom?

Organic Cotton Fair Trade Bedding Boll and Branch Review | The Curious Button | organic cotton duvet

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