Spring 10×10 Challenge 2017

Phew! The Spring 10×10 Challenge ended last Friday, and I have been enjoying using the rest of my closet since then! (The 10×10 Challenge was created by Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee a few years ago, and essentially you choose 10 items to wear for 10 days, and to style them into a different look each day! You can read more about it here.) To be honest, it was a little overwhelming to suddenly have so much to choose from and to figure out how to put it all together again, but I’m getting back into it. This challenge has been a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from anxiety and frustration to happiness and pride, and I’ve definitely learned a couple of things both about my closet and myself throughout the process. If you’ve done the challenge, then maybe you can relate to some of them, and if you haven’t, then I hope I can convince you that it is worth trying out, even if you don’t make it through all 10 days! So, let’s get reviewing 🙂

(To see the pieces I used and my daily outfits, head over to Instagram!)

Lesson #1 : My closet is so not capsule-friendly.

Seriously, the hardest part of this challenge was still the very beginning – the process of picking out my 10 pieces. I already knew what two pairs of boots I wanted to wear, which jeans I wanted to include, but after that, it was a stressful process of creating outfits in my head and trying to count them all to make sure I really could create 10 outfits without having to repeat an outfit or wear something I really disliked. First, I got out a bunch of shirts and pieces I didn’t get much of an opportunity to wear yet, but realized that the two weeks of this challenge would be spent studying and writing exams, so dressing all blogger-style wasn’t really optimal for the lifestyle I would be living. So I added a pair of Girlfriend Leggings into the 10×10 and some comfy tee’s, because I knew I was going to want some stretch and comfort some days.

Layering is what often makes this challenge fun and cool to try out (watching Lee style things in different layers makes you want to do it, too!), but I only had one cardigan that I actually wanted to wear often, as the other few I have are left over from my more impulsive shopping days and will likely be on their way out next fall/winter. Finding something to mix and match between the bottoms, boots, and with/without the cardigan proved to be a challenge in itself, and I realized that my closet doesn’t really mix and match with itself all that much. Layering doesn’t usually happen, which is ironic because I actually love layered looks. Hmm.

Lesson #2 : I’m actually not a fan of casually wearing leggings all the time.

I don’t know if this is a result of my age or simply trying to live a more adult life, but just throwing on leggings with a close-fitting top is not a comfortable outfit for me anymore. It definitely used to be – skintight everything was definitely something I would’ve worn even just one year ago, but pairing them with a shirt that was not loose and flowing and didn’t fully cover my bum up actually felt really strange. It felt way better when, on another day, I wore them with a more loose, longer top.

Styling aside, I love the Girlfriend Collective leggings. Not only are they super soft, comfortable, and downward dog safe (read: not see-through when you bend over), but are made from recycled water bottles in a SA8000 certified factory in Vietnam. Ethically made, recycled, and amazing quality? Heck yes. Definitely didn’t get tired of them during the challenge, and I can’t wait to wear them some more.

Lesson #3: Challenges can be really fun!

This was my first organized “challenge” of any kind, not just wardrobe or capsule related, and I loved it! It is so much fun to get creative and use your brain in a way its not used to (in this case, constantly reworking the same few pieces). Doing it with a community only added to the experience, and scrolling through the hashtag to see how everyone else was doing and what their outfits were like was both inspiring and encouraging. This was also a nice, short challenge for a beginner like myself (many challenges center around 30 days).

If you’ve been on the fence about joining in, I say go for it! You really have nothing to lose. Even if you don’t make it through the full 10 days, you will surely learn something that will help you next time around! I’m looking forward to doing the Summer 10×10 once that rolls around, and by then it will definitely be warm enough to throw in some shorts, skirts and dresses!

Have you done a wardrobe challenge before? Are you thinking of trying one out? Let me know in the comments below!

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