Soft + Sustainable Clothing from Toronto-based Miik Inc.

I’m a fan of any ethically made, sustainable clothing brand, but there’s a special place in my heart for Canadian ethical brands in particular. There’s something so special when the clothing you’re wearing is made not only ethically, but also in your very own country, and in this case, just a couple of hours away.

That’s why today, I’m really excited to introduce you to Toronto-based brand Miik! Miik holds sustainability at it’s core, with three key commitments to guide their production:

1. Local

First, they focus on manufacturing as local as possible. While not all the natural fibres they use are best for growing in Canada, Miik does mill, dye and tailor their fabric in the Toronto area. Internally, their team likes to call it being able to visit “from thread to hanger” all within a half hour driving distance from their team office.

2. Eco

Miik strives to use sustainably-sourced luxury fabrics, such as MicroModal, Sorona and linen. Any fabric sourced from forests comes from FSC certified forests and plantations, and after personally speaking with them on the phone, it’s great to hear that they are constantly on the lookout for both improvements to their current fabrics and new fabrics that meet their high standards of quality. Which brings us to…

3. Lasting

In other words, Miik produces high quality, timeless pieces. They hope that, unlike fast fashion pieces, you will wear their sustainable clothing for the next 5 to 10 years. When it comes to quality standards, everything from fabric softness to pilling and fade resistance to how the long the pieces hold their shape, is carefully considered.

Sustainable Clothing from Toronto-based Miik Inc. | The Curious Button

But Miik didn’t want me to just take their word for it – they kindly gifted me the Lulu Off-The-Shoulder Dress so I could experience it for myself. And wow am I ever impressed.

First, I honestly did not expect the fabric to actually feel as soft as it does. Sure, I read through their website which made it clear that it was supposed to be soft, and when speaking with them I was told about how they are known for making extremely soft sustainable clothing. But how soft can clothes even get?

Made from MicroModal, this dress is probably the softest piece of clothing in my entire closet right now. I wish you could reach through the screen and feel it for yourself. I could live the rest of my life in this fabric.

In line with their third sustainability commitment, I can see this dress easily taking me from the office to a night out with friends to running errands on the weekend. I’m so excited to test out it’s versatility beyond this little photoshoot in my living room (maybe it’ll need to be a part of my next #10x10challenge?!).

Sustainable Clothing from Toronto-based Miik Inc. | The Curious Button

Soft + Sustainable Clothing from Toronto-based Miik Inc. | The Curious Button

Soft + Sustainable Clothing from Toronto-based Miik Inc. | The Curious Button

I chose the Lulu dress for myself, but I encourage you to take a peek at their new 2018 Spring/Summer Collection here. It features fun colours, comfortable work wardrobe essentials, reversible clothing pieces, and even a 4-in-1 dress!

It’s safe to say that this Miik dress is going to be a key sustainable clothing piece in my wardrobe not only this year, but for years to come. Though they are a Canadian brand near me, which I absolutely love, they do ship internationally! Check them out at

Soft + Sustainable Clothing from Toronto-based Miik Inc. | The Curious Button

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