Canadian-Made, Sustainable Sunglasses You’ll Love: Loch Eyewear

The first time I came across Loch Eyewear was at the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto in March of 2018, and I was an instant fan. What initially drew me in was, of course, the fact that they produced wooden, sustainable sunglasses (and if you happen to be on the hunt for prescription eyeglasses, they have those too!). While I don’t always love the look of wooden accessories (I wrote about this in my post about Wils Fabrik, who produce surprisingly stylish wooden watches), Loch Eyewear seems to have achieved that je-ne-sais-quoi in their design that makes the wooden texture look cool, instead of too hippy or earthy. In other words, the perfect blend of sustainability and style that I’m looking for.

Canadian-Made Sustainable Sunglasses You'll Love - Loch Eyewear | The Curious Button | product review
Canadian-Made Sustainable Sunglasses You'll Love - Loch Eyewear | The Curious Button | product review

But there’s more to their story than first meets the eye. The wood used for these glasses is not just any wood – they use reclaimed wood that comes from what feels like my very own backyard, The Great Lakes. Over 500 years ago, when the logging industry was booming here in southern Ontario and surrounding areas, old-growth timbers were transported by being floated down rivers. As you can imagine, many of those heavy logs ended up sinking to the depths of the Great Lakes, and have remained preserved there until today. Loch Eyewear recovers these timbers through scuba-diving and turns them into beautiful, sustainable and made-in-Canada glasses. I grew up in Mississauga, which borders Lake Ontario, and so this adds a whole other layer of meaning to me.

All this to say – when Loch Eyewear reached out to me and offered to send me a pair, I was pretty darn excited.

The Home Try On

ecause they sell online, picking and purchasing a pair just like that can feel risky, which is why they have their Home Try On program, where you can pick up to 3 frames and have them delivered to you so you can pick and choose your favourite – for free.

After much deliberation and scrolling through all the different frames, I settled on the 3 frames I wanted to try on:

I love that you can choose not only the frame itself (including wood colour), but also the colour of the lenses themselves (grey and bronze were my choice, but they also have green). The lenses are made in Japan, and are all polarized.

After the three sustainable sunglasses arrived, I took to my Instagram stories to share about them, but also give you guys a chance to vote on your favourite pair to help me decide which ones to keep! (If you’re not already following me on IG, you can do so here).

I was honestly really happy with all of them, so I’m glad I had help! The wood on them was super smooth, they were sturdy and strong, and the lenses really crisp and clear. I dared to take a look outside at what used to be blinding sheets of white snow. Thanks to the glasses being polarized, it was like the snow didn’t reflect anything at all!

Canadian-Made Sustainable Sunglasses You'll Love - Loch Eyewear | The Curious Button | product review
Canadian-Made, Sustainable Sunglasses You'll Love - Loch Eyewear Review | The Curious Button

Ultimately, I narrowed it down to two pairs, the Celie and the Hodki, and the Celie won! I cannot wait to wear them around all summer long.

Let me know – which frames are your favourite?

DISCLOSURE: Loch Effects kindly gifted me a pair sunglasses in exchange for an honest review – all thoughts are 100% my own. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY DISCLOSURE POLICY, CLICK HERE.

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