My Sustainable Wedding: Bridesmaid Proposals!

There’s a lot of gift-giving that happens throughout the traditional wedding planning process, and if you’re like me and trying to plan a more sustainable wedding, then this can cause a few issues. Not only are so many of the gifts very event-specific (for example, bridal party matching t-shirts), but they’re often not quality products that were made with the environment in mind. And let’s not even get into the sheer number of items flowing between people, no doubt with good intentions, but more often than not just adding to the massive amounts of clutter the average person already has.

One of these gifts, as you may have guessed by the title, stems from the so-called “bridesmaid proposal”. You could just, you know, ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your special day. But after seeing multiple cute bridesmaid proposal boxes on Pinterest, you probably will want to do something just as cute too! I definitely did. Though this post started off on a bit of a negative note, but my point wasn’t to disappoint or discourage. I’m here to say (and to show!) that you can still have a fairly traditional, “normal” wedding while keeping sustainability in mind.

Today I wanted to share how I put together my bridesmaid proposal boxes. I’m going to apologize for the terrible photos – these boxes were made quite literally on a whim the night before I was going to see one of my bridesmaids who had made a spontaneous trip down from Ottawa, so the phone quality and artificial lighting isn’t the greatest.

Anyways. Here they are!

Bridesmaid Proposals | My Sustainable Wedding |The Curious ButtonBridesmaid Proposals | My Sustainable Wedding |The Curious ButtonBridesmaid Proposals | My Sustainable Wedding |The Curious Button

Because of my very tight time constraint and doing this in the evening after most stores have closed, my first stop was to head to Chapters. I knew they carried little cute things all the time and I was guaranteed to find something there. After battling with mini-bath bombs that were unfortunately packaged in plastic tubes, I decided to go with a candle. The ones I got were from Illume, which are made in Minnesota and seemed a little less gross and pungent than the other candles available. I probably would’ve done a little more (or a lot more) research had I had the time, but it was one of those “good enough” moments.

Bridesmaid Proposals | My Sustainable Wedding |The Curious Button

My next stop was a plant nursery to find some cute succulents. A living plant is, I feel, a little better than a single champagne flute, and also much more budget-friendly than beauty products, natural or otherwise. I found them without a problem, and then got some perfectly-sized terracotta planters at a craft store, along with the white boxes (they didn’t have recycled ones, boo¬†😞).

Bridesmaid Proposals | My Sustainable Wedding |The Curious Button

And that was that! I put some white tissue paper that I already had on the bottom of the box to prop up the candle and plant, made my own little graphic that I printed and taped to the lid, and voila. Easy, budget-friendly, and more or less sustainable.

If you’re loving this sustainable wedding theme then stay tuned – I’ve got something else planned for you guys coming shortly!

Talk soon!

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