Broken Spring Repair

The springs in your garage door are more than just pieces of metal. They're the silent heroes, bearing the weight and facilitating smooth operation every time you use your garage. But like any hero, they can break down over time.

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The Importance of Timely Repairs

If broken springs aren't fixed promptly, they could pose potential hazards to both people and property alike because they bear significant tension due to their role in balancing heavy doors.In addition to being dangerous, ignoring such issues may lead to further damage on other parts of your system causing more problems down the line. So getting timely repairs is key for safety but also cost-effectiveness.

Mending Broken Springs

You might think that replacing broken springs would be straightforward; however, there's actually quite some technicality involved. That’s where Ares Garage Door comes into play with their experienced technicians who understand these systems inside out – literally.
Finding an exact match replacement spring isn’t enough though - proper installation matters too. Our skilled techs ensure each repair extends the service life of your garage door system.